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Why use a screw when EbTy's hidden deck fastners are easy and make for a clean, splinter-free decking surface.
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Builders choose EBdot blackTY hidden deck fasteners for all wood, Ipe', synthetic, PVC and composite decking materials.

To our loyal customers – We are excited to announce that as of December 21, 2015 the patented EB-TY® hidden deck fastening system and its parent company, Blue Heron Enterprises, LLC, has been acquired by Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of structural building products for 60 years.

This acquisition will help our customers take advantage of the exceptional growth potential in the hidden deck fastening market. Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and uninterrupted customer service during this period.

If you have questions about this acquisition or your customer account, please continue to use the general contact information listed here on our website except for the fax number noted. For faxes, please use the following number: 614-876-0636. Thank you for your continued support.

Hidden deck fasteners create smooth and safe decks, making sure there are no nails, or screws or pop ups to mar the beauty or the comfort of the deck. The decking boards are held together by polypropylene biscuit fasteners whose design has been patented, producing a smooth surface that enhances the appearance of the building materials.
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Invented by Eberle Builders in 1997, EB-TY hidden deck fasteners have changed the way decks are built. The deck fasteners are easy to install, maintenance free, compatible with any climate and invisible from the top or bottom of the deck. Additionally our hidden deck fastening system protects the deck by preventing damaging moisture from seeping in.
This award-winning design comes in multiple sizes to accommodate any size decking materials (Use our calculator to determine your specific needs).

Builders, contractors, developers, architects, do-it-yourselfers/homeowners all choose EB-TY when building decks.

Our hidden deck fasteners are made in the USA and available at all major retail and wholesale building supply outlets. Or call us at 1-800-GET-EBTY or email us to find the distributor closest to you.

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